Health benefits of a physically active job

physically demanding job

Health and fitness is drawing much focus of late due to increased job-related health issues and increased consciousness of individuals in health matters. People need to be all-round to ensure a stable performance on the job, and a healthy body to give the energy for good performance at the job place.

There are many different kinds of jobs defined by their physicality. Office jobs involve a lot of sitting and the non-office jobs have one always up and about. Office jobs have received most criticisms about the health effects on the individuals as they don’t get much of the physical activities recommended for people daily.

Majority of the well-paying jobs are office jobs hence we don’t expect a scramble for the office jobs to reduce anytime soon, the biggest drawback here is that they don’t provide much needed room for exercise making people to lose out on the benefits gotten by people in physically active jobs.

There are several health benefits of having a physically active job that cuts across the different job sectors.

Being physically active improves mood

With the higher stress levels in almost everyone nowadays, the most convenient way of reducing them is on the course of doing the work at hand, effortlessly. Being in a physically active job helps one reduce the stress levels by stimulating the brain through physical activity. One gets to feel happier hence improving the mood that also translates to improved performance at the job.

Energy boost


Mechanics, plumbers and other people in physically active jobs get to improve their endurance by constantly being active. This improves their muscle strength with time and their body system gets to work more efficiently, hence more energy to do other activities.


Weight control

Health benefits of having a physically active job tackles the most common issue on health; obesity. Being physical enables one to maintain their weight at the desirable levels. It can also enable one to shed excess weight on the go hence a healthier body. The more the amounts and intensity of the physical activity, the more the calories are burned. Maximum benefits are however achieved by combining this with a good diet.

Reduced risks of diseases

Physically active jobs help lower the blood pressure levels. They also help one improve their cholesterol levels by reducing them to acceptable limits. Regular walks on the job aid in reducing the risk of conditions like heart attack and stroke. Research also adds to the health benefit of physical activities in that more physical active individuals have lower risks of suffering from breast and colon cancer.

Stronger bones, joints and muscles

Stronger bones

Everyone wishes for a perfect body at all times but it can only be achieved through some levels of physical activities. Muscle and bone strengthening is ideal and is achieved on physically active jobs. Bone density lose is reduced with the resultant effect of reducing the risks of bone fractures through the physical activities.

As one gets used to physically active jobs, they also increase their abilities to carry out their daily activities with less help hence being more independent, all this while taking precautions in the very activities they undertake.

8 Sensational Health Benefits Of Weight Loss

The driving force behind a weight loss journey may start out with the deep desire to feel better about your reflection in the mirror. When you begin to devote yourself to exercise and switch to eating health food, it can make all the difference in how you see yourself and while looking better is an amazing perk of weight loss, it is not the most impressive  perk by far. These eight endlessly beneficial perks are more than enough reason to commit to losing the weight and keeping it off.

Improved Mental Health

The many health benefits of losing a little weighdoctor and patientt are as vast as the sea but one thing you will notice right away, even before weight loss begins, is that exercise improves your mood. When you workout, your body naturally begins to release endorphins, a feel good hormone that reduces stress and increases feelings of happiness. Overall, science has already proven that those who exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle have vastly lower rates of depression. This may be, in part, due to the fact that endorphins are so closely related to serotonin, a chemical you will find both naturally in the brain and manufactured in antidepressants.
Pain Relief

Another benefit of the endorphins released during exercise is that these little wonders are nature’s own pain relievers. Endorphins have an analgesic affect and work to reduce pain from the inside out. This is one reason many doctors recommend exercise to ward off painful menstrual periods and for some people, even prevent migraines. Aside from endorphins, weight reduction itself is also a natural pain reliever as losing weight can lessen stress on joints and reduce impact upon walking. Many people find back pain and feet pain are rendered nonexistent by simply losing a few pounds and keeping the weight off.

Increase in Good Cholesterol

Thankfully, medicine has gotten cholesterol metervery good at lowering the bad kind of cholesterol with prescription medications. However, that is not the case with good cholesterol that can significantly reduce your risk for developing heart disease later in life. Science shows that just a 5 percent decrease in your current weight can up your good cholesterol by a whopping 5 point elevation. While that may not seem like much, doctors agree it is quite impressive.
Lower Triglycerides

Triglycerides are fatty particles in the bloodstream that are harmful in large amounts and while everyone has them, some have them at unhealthy levels. Reducing weight, even in seemingly minuscule amounts can lower your reading by 40 points and greatly reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack in the future.
Reduction of Inflammation

Inflammation is a marker for many health conditions, some common and some not so common. Fat cells can produce certain kinds of inflammation and inflammation, in turn, can lead to clots and stroke. Decreasing your weight can reduce inflammation and prevent damage to your vascular system.
Decrease in Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea occurs when someone does not get enough oxygen while sleeping due to extended pauses in their breathing pattern. A CPAP machine can help those with sleep apnea breathe easier but weight loss can help sufferers to slowly depend on the machine less and less. While this may seem like a small feat, those who rely on a CPAP machine describe it as a real nuisance and well worth a little work to toss out the window.


Diabetes ReductionDiabetes

While not everyone who loses weight will be able to reverse their diabetes all together, some can and have. Even for those who are left with residual diabetes or those whose condition is severe, weight loss can greatly improve health and help to control blood sugar levels. In some instances, losing just a few pounds alone can do the work of a prescription diabetes medication.
Decrease in Hypertension

30 percent of all high blood pressure suffers are diagnosed because their weight is the only contributing factor. Beta blockers can be hard on your kidneys, thus many doctors ask patients to work diligently to lose the weight which will reduce blood pressure readings to manageable levels. Often times, weight loss, diet and a good exercise routine will cure high blood pressure without ever requiring medications.
The health benefits of weight loss are far too numerous to list. From the way you look to the way you feel, losing the extra weight can give you the energy you never knew you had to do the things you always wanted to do… Like biking with your son, going on that long trip with your spouse or just getting up in the morning to greet a brand new day of possibilities. From renewed energy to relief from serious health conditions, shedding the pounds can help you also shed a negative prognosis. When you take time to care about yourself and your health, your body will show its gratitude by helping you to feel better and, most important of all… live longer.

5 easy ways to lost weight

Weight loss can result in better overall health, a lower risk of many serious health problems, a nicer appearance, and higher self-esteem. When you want to lose weight, you do not need to resort to fad diets, pills, or other gimmicks that can harm your body. Instead, you can start with five easy ways to lose weight.

1. Dieting Does Not Mean Starvation.Weight

If you are like most people, you shudder when you hear the word “diet.” You may think it must mean giving up everything you like, eating only a few foods, and having such a restriction on the calories you can consume each day that you do not feel well throughout your diet.

There is a healthier, easier solution. You can be satisfied with the meals you eat, shed unwanted pounds, and stay healthy. The secret to successful weight loss is to start with the basic food groups.

Your meals should consist of low-fat dairy pro
, low-fat grains, fresh vegetables and fruits, and lean meat or poultry.

It is equally important to schedule regular mealtimes every day. This will keep your blood sugar levels stable, provide natural energy, and prevent hunger and cravings.

2. Avoid Empty Calories.

There are many products that contain empty calories. All this means is there is no nutritional value in the products. When they are eliminated from your daily diet, you will experience faster weight loss.

Most snacks are in this category. Empty calories are also found in carbonated beverages, alcohol, and energy drinks. If you consume these products, you are consuming hundreds of extra calories per day.

There are other forms of empty calories to avoid. First, consider t
he methods you use for preparing food. Instead of adding fat to fry or deep-fry food, prepare the food by baking, grilling, boiling, or broiling.

Second, enjoy delicious, natural food without adding condiments that are high in calories. If you need to flavor your food, use a spice or lemon juice.

3. You Need Plenty Of Water Each Day.Water

There are many benefits to drinking pure, fresh water. When you make water your main beverage, the weight will come off faster and you will be much healthier.

Water is essential for a healthy digestive system. When you drink a glass of water, it will help your body digest the foods you have eaten, and flush the waste from your body. It can reduce bloating, and reduce the risk of constipation.

Water will keep your body hydrated, so you feel good throughout the day. When you drink a full glass of fresh water, it will suppress your appetite. Whenever you feel hungry or thirsty, choose water instead of a high-calorie beverage or snack.

4. Lose The Weight With Exercise.

There are two main reasons exercise often does not work for losing weight. One reason is some approaches to exercise are too time-consuming. Perhaps you do not have time to do calisthenics for an hour before work, or do not want to spend your lunch break at the gym. A second common reason is quitting because the exercise routines are boring, exhausting, or painful.

You can avoid these problems by choosing something you enjoy. Exercise will help you lose weight, but you need to do it every day. Whether you buy
workout videos, swim, or ride a bike, never let a day pass without exercise.

Exercise that provides a full workout for your entire body will lead to the best results. You will lose body fat and develop lean muscle. You can shed pounds while becoming physically fit.

5. Your Hormones Affect Your Weight.stress

Your body’s own natural hormones affect Weight
your weight. When hormones are healthy and balanced, it is easier to lose those unwanted pounds. There are some simple tips you can use to help this process work effectively.

If you are under a considerable amount of stress, it is more difficult to shed pounds. You may even gain weight. The way to reverse this problem is to reduce the stress in your everyday life, and learn how to relax. Try some relaxation techniques until you find one you enjoy.

Another way to improve hormone balance is a sufficient amount of sleep every night. Adjust your schedule so you can have eight hours of restful sleep. Your hormones will be balanced, and losing weight will be easier.
When you take a realistic approach, these tips will be a positive change in your lifestyle. While you will not shed twenty pounds overnight, it is a much healthier approach than diet pills and fad diets.

Crash dieting can produce results, but it backfires. It undermines your general health, and the pounds you lose quickly return.

However, when you begin with these five ways to lose weight, you will be delighted with the results. You can be slim and healthy for life.

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